Welcome to Travltalk!

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It’s a really exciting day for us as we launch the Travltalk mobile application to independent world travellers that are looking to meet other people when they arrive in a new place.

Travltalk works a little like Tinder. But instead of being about dating, you can tick off your bucket list with a someone close by. Inside Travltalk, you can swipe through cards from other travellers in the city, who want to split the cost of a travel activity, or visit local attractions, try the local cuisine or head off the beaten track.

You can also create your own ideas from your bucket list and see who is nearby that might want to join you or share the cost of that thing you really wanna do but can’t afford alone.

Or create a card to sell items you no longer need to other travellers, because you’re heading somewhere else.

Here at TravlTalk HQ we’re travellers too! We know there’s no easy way to meet like-minded people when you arrive in a place you don’t know, so we’ve created our app with our users in mind so you can connect easily with others as you travel the world!

If you are planning a trip somewhere, download Travltalk for free on either Apple or Android.

Travltalk is like an an ocean liner, that has been prepared for its maiden voyage out to sea. We welcome you to join our adventure as we sail the ship out of the harbour in to the wide world.

Bon Voyage!

The Travltalk Team


PS. We always welcome feedback from our users so please get in touch with any tips or information that may help our application work best for our global travel audience.